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Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive™:
Spray adhesive specifically designed for Headliner replacement and other high heat applications.

Product Benefits:

  • Eye-catching, drop-top,full color, lithographic can.
  • Product’s packaging immediately connects customers’ problem to the solution.
  • Multi-valve designed specially for headliner repair
  • Will not damage existing headliner forms, like other brands.
  • Substantially lower price than our competition.
  • Specifically formulated for high-heat applications
Customer Benefits:
  • Increase vehicle value
  • Longevity of vehicle ownership.
  • Saves consumer money.

Ultra Grip - Super Duty Interior Adhesive™:
General interior adhesive is designed to bond to carpets, speaker boxes, trunk liners, kick panels and anywhere else that a flexible bond is required

Product Benefits:

  • Formulated with XENOL-7 ™ masking agent (fresh scent, no chemical odors.)
  • Quick-tack, non-wrinkling and flexible bond.
  • Lace-like, non-misting spray
Customer Benefits:
  • Increases value of vehicle in repair applications.
  • Easy aerosol application
  • Non-offensive odor
  • Multi-purpose

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